17 December 2017

What is Global Care?

raGlobal Care is a UK-based Christian international relief and development agency, supporting vulnerable children worldwide. Our aim is to help vulnerable children reach a sustainable, independent adulthood.

So, we help AIDS orphans and deprived children in Uganda. We help street children find security off the streets in Columbia and Honduras. We care for abandoned babies and children in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand and help children living in the slums of India. Currently we are working in 16 countries on 4 continents.

We partner with grassroots organisations, including churches and local projects with a passion for supporting the needs of vulnerable children within their own communities.

raAll our international projects have a particular focus on education, because we believe that education is the best way of helping families to break out of the poverty cycle.

Our programmes also include vocational skills training, counselling, medical care, children’s homes and orphanages, improving access to clean water, income generation and micro finance initiatives, to build community capacity.

We are committed to working with the poorest of the poor and are increasingly targeting our projects at the most vulnerable, including disabled children and those with HIV/AIDS.

As a patron of Global Care, I have been privileged to visit many countries to share in the work that is being done in such effective ways, to help so many disadvantaged young people.

One memory which will never fade, was going “off road” in an old jeep, to visit a family, whose oldest daughter, sponsored by Global Care, had not been attending school. Concerned for her welfare, we found her at home, caring for her six siblings, two of whom were three month old twins. Their mother, suffering from severe post natal depression, had run away. Their father was struggling to provide food for his children, his crops having been ruined by a recent flood.

To see this little ten-year-old bathing both the twins in a bucket and cooking and caring for all the family as well was heartbreaking. Immediately Global Care was able to find extra support for the family so that the child could return to her school.

As well as long-term programmes, Global Care has a successful track record of responding to disasters, famine, floods, drought and war. Their response to the tsunami in Sri Lanka was immediate and effective. Within hours, a truck was being driven 24/7 by the team of a Global Care orphanage, who were able to supply food, water, blankets and medication to those who had lost their homes. They also took over a disused school to house hundreds of homeless people until more permanent homes could be found for them. I knew that 100% of the money raised by Global Care in the UK would be used immediately and effectively for this relief effort.

A year later I visited Sri Lanka to witness the building of many apartments for fishermen and their families as well as homes further inland for the hundreds of people who had been living in shacks on the beach and had lost everything.

This is one of the reasons I really appreciate the work of Global Care. It is not a very large charity. The offices are not glamorous. The employees are dedicated to helping the helpless. I have proved that the money raised really does make a huge difference to the lives of some of the neediest people on earth.

Its mission statement is: “We are called to display the love of God through caring for the poor.” “The poor” include many different faith communities, including Hindu children in Bangladesh, Animist families in Ethiopia, and Muslims in Kenya and Albania. There is no discrimination. Global Care is based in Coventry, with fundraising charity shops in surrounding towns in the Midlands. Many children are sponsored by supporters all over the UK.

To know more about the charity, go to the website: www.globalcare.org.uk

WORDS Fiona Castle