15 December 2017


Two fundamental truths about

humanity and Christmas.

I. The first man is of the earth, earthy (1 Cor.15: 47a).

II. The second man is the Lord from Heaven (1 Cor. 15: 47b).


The first statement explains the origins of the seven billion human beings who inhabit planet earth today and also all of those who have ever lived. God created Adam from the dust of the earth. Adam is earthy and so are all of his descendants. We are all basically a collection of chemicals that have very little value in terms of today’s currency and the present economy. Our real value comes in terms of the life breathed into us by the Creator. Without the breath of life we are basically valueless.

God sums us up though as earthy.

With feet glued to planet earth most of our time is taken up with conversation and activity that are earth and time related. We plant seeds, harvest crops, eat the produce, maintain decaying bodies that are so earthy that they return to earth or dust when the allotted time runs out. Even all of the best, biggest, strongest, wisest men are so earthy that they crumble to dust with the passing of a number of months.

No doubt God is right when He says “the first man” (and inherently) all of his genetic produce, are earthy.

God in His Word here helps us to get a proper perspective of who we are.


The second statement explains the origins of Christmas.

Some earthy men attempt to relegate Christmas to a seasonal holiday or a festive occasion. As far as God is concerned that is kindergarten thinking.

God says “The second man is the Lord from Heaven.”

There are two stunning concepts here that underpin the entire Christian experience.

1. The second man is The Lord.

2. The second man is not earthy but from Heaven. He is heavenly.

The Second Man is the Lord.

I believe this is the greatest truth that we can possibly come to terms with.

Jesus is God. Jesus Christ is Lord.

To understand humanity we believe that the Creator God put us together from earthy elements.

To understand Christianity we believe that the second man, Jesus, is the Creator walking our streets dressed in a human body. It’s no real surprise that the Creator could recreate wine from water, or re-make the leprous body, or awaken the dead, or make a new ear for the High Priest’s servant that Peter had sliced off. He is God. He can do any of these “creative things.” Yes, the second man’s identity is without doubt – The Lord.

The Second Man is from Heaven.

He is not made from earthy clay. So different is He, that

He is transferred from Heaven to live on earth for 33 years only and then return to Heaven.

Here is the only “technical” bit. How did He get from Heaven to take up residence in a virgin’s womb?

The amazing thing about Christmas actually takes place several months before Christmas. The birth was preceded by the “holy seed” being incomprehensibly placed within the body that was already prepared for this purpose (Heb. 10: 5). There the Son of God takes on flesh and blood (Heb. 2: 14). “The Word becomes flesh” (John 1: 1).

So the baby is born in due time. He looks like any other baby. His mother nurses Him and Joseph, who is now Mary’s husband but not the child’s father, protects Him and provides for Him on the human level. These are the basic doctrines taught in the Word of God in relation to the virgin birth. Jesus Christ is born. He will be the Saviour of the world. He will be the Judge of all.

Hundreds of prophecies have now been fulfilled, even details about the location of the birth in the town of Bethlehem. Thousands of types or prior illustrations will, in 33 years time, be fully demonstrated in the Crucifixion.

And people from all nations will be drawn to the Saviour as a great multitude will make up the redeemed in the glory of Heaven.

So do some grown-up thinking this Christmas among the other things that help us to celebrate this greatest event of history from the Creation until BC became AD.

The Second Man is from Heaven.

He has come to save all of the fallen descendants of the first man who will acknowledge who He really is, repent of their sins and place complete trust in Him as their personal Saviour.

Remember, this doctrine of the Virgin Birth and a biblical understanding of it is the foundational building block of all Christian belief.

Honour Christ this Christmas by believing what the Bible teaches about Him and accept Him as your Saviour. To do this is to enter His kingdom, the kingdom that is eternal and outlives every earthy kingdom.

Have a Blessed Christmas by honouring the virgin’s Child and serving the Eternal King.

WORDS John Matthews