13 December 2017

Why translate the Bible?

Worth the trip.

Papua New Guinea

What would you be willing to do to hear God’s Word in your language? Would you hike for half a day, cross a rugged mountain and navigate a vine bridge suspended over a raging river?

That’s what Wapena Mei did in order to obtain a small solar powered device that has a recording of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts in the Pinai Hagahai language. Wapena knew it would be worth the trip because he had been listening to the oral Scriptures for more than a year. When his family’s player broke and they learned that 70 more would be distributed in a village across the mountain, his wife sent him to, “Go and get us another one of those MegaVoice units.”

Wapena was successful, and he and his wife will again be able to listen to the Pinai-Hagahai Scriptures in their home as they go to sleep at night. Wapena is eager to share the truth with others. Because hospitals are not easily accessible to everyone, the Papua New Guinean government trains people to work at Aid Posts in remote areas. Wapena is one of those aid post workers. But when he hands out medicine, he tells the men, “You can swallow these pills, but they won’t do you any good if you take another man’s wife.”

Hearing God’s word keeps it in Wapena’s heart and mind. Now that he has a way to continue hearing God’s talk, Wapena will keep sharing that Good News with others. It was definitely worth the trip.

Read more online about the Pinai-Hagahai in the Wycliffe magazine ‘Words for Life’ at wycliffe.org.uk/give/tell/wfl1102.html.

By Karen Weaver