15 December 2017

Wycliffe Bible Translators

From Bible translation to transformation

raBefore the New Testament translation was completed, many of the Orya people of Indonesia practiced the local traditional religion and openly obeyed evil spirits. The number of committed Christians was probably only around 25. But God’s word in their language has brought spiritual transformation: approximately 1,400 of 2,000 Orya people have received Christ as their Saviour.

“When the Orya Bible was dedicated, we celebrated with a wellattended three-day retreat. In the morning we taught literacy classes and how to read and understand the Bible. In the evening, we sang songs and worshipped the Lord.”

ra1After he read the Bible in his mother tongue for his first time, Yakob Kaya, 70 years of age, testified: “When the Orya people heard the Bible in the Indonesian language, they couldn’t understand the meaning. It was like hearing a bird up on a tree singing, but not being able to understand what the bird is saying. Or like knowing that there are fish in the water, but not being able to see them – because our eyes were closed. But when we read the Bible in Orya language, our eyes were opened, and we were amazed at God’s message to us.”

For more information about the transforming impact of the translated Scriptures, visit wycliffe.org.uk.

WORDS Daniel Holy